Nootropics: Entrepreneurs have found the ultimate ‘brain enhancing’ drugs

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Entrepreneurship is all about creativity and testing the potential of man. So it was only a matter of time before entrepreneurs found out ‘the ultimate’- or in parlance ‘brain enhancing drugs’.

The media has brought the topic of cognitive enhancement in our everyday life. The idea that some pills can enhance the functioning of brain is certainly luring. A big name in improving the discerning capacity of the brain is certainly Nootropics.

It is a wide term which is used to classify any agent that serves to improve the cognitive function of brain as well as optimize its health. Their use is much more than just to provide a competitive edge. They extend to areas like creativity, mood, stress and health.


Brain Mredicine


Thinking about it I recall ‘Limitless’ where Bradley Cooper takes a miracle pill which makes him super smart and imbibes in him greater reasoning and intuition.

Nootropics for sale can be classified on basis of functions:

  • Noopept: Known for enhancing learning by clearing brain fog.
  • Vinpocetine: Known for increasing the circulation of blood in brain thereby greater alertness.
  • Oxiracetam: Known for boosting memory and improving long-term memory retention capacity of brain.
  • Adderall: Known for improving focus and concentration.

Why buy nootropics online?

They are believed to work by changing the amount of neurochemicals in the brain or by improving the amount of oxygen in brain cells thereby providing it enough energy to concentrate or improve one’s ability to pay attention to details.


With advantages come disadvantages. They bring with them potential dangers some of which are:

  1. Brain alteration: Certain noots alter the functioning of brain and inhibits it from performing several important functions.


  1. Cognitive defects: When users take them their aim is to boost the cognitive functioning of the brain. However when they continue to take the same amount on a regular basis the brain relies on it to perform the cognitive functions thereby taking a toll on the nervous system.

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